Steth, Raymond (1916-1977)
Important Philadelphia African-American artist/printmaker active on the WPA graphics division

"Heaven on a Mule"
Lithograph, 1944
8 3/4 in. x 11 1/8 in. (222 mm x 283 mm)
Edition of 25

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A fine impression of this extremely important image by the artist with large margins---some tape remains at the outer edges far from the image---the following description was written by Dave Williams for his book SMALL VICTORIES: "Heaven on a Mule graced the announcement of his death. It is a remarkable print, an emotional experience. A poor family—two children astride a mule, a husband and a wife, and a dog—are on a small hill, bowed in prayer. All wear crude, homemade wings, including the animals. Their scant belongings—a frying pan and a few rags of clothing—lie on the ground nearby. Steth explained that there was a religious cult that believed that if you put on wings, went to a hilltop with all your earthly possessions, and prayed, angels would come and take you to heaven. In the print, a commotion in the clouds overhead hints that the angels are on their way."

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